EPSCoR Education

The EPSCoR Education portal provides access to selected EPSCoR datasets for instructional purposes. These datasets depict real world scenarios by describing temperature, precipitation, conductivity, and water level stage height events around the state of New Hampshire. The scenarios can be used within the classroom to explore these phenomena and their interactions with each other under normal, drought, and hurricane type conditions.


Data is accessible in easy to use Microsoft Excel and CSV file formats. Once a scenario is selected, its data can be downloaded and graphed on your local computer system via Excel, or other graphing software.


The EPSCoR Education website is funded through the National Science Foundation, New Hampshire EPSCoR Program. The site is sponsored by the University of New Hampshire Leitzel Center and was built at Earth Systems Research Center, Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis with funds provide by a EPSCoR Research Experience for Undergraduates project.

Sample Graph

Sample graph of a High Conductivity scenario